Blind Bay Road Walkway


South Shuswap
Distance: Various
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 0.5 + Hours (one way)
Trail Access / Features
Walk / Hike Biking Mountain Biking

Trail Description:

Extended curb for pedestrians, and cyclists follows the Blind Bay Road. A work in progress, this shore line walk is the result of leadership by the South Shuswap Recreational Trail Society, the local community, and Ministry of Transport. Once complete, the roadside walk will span 12 km between Sorrento and Reedman Point, Blind Bay. Look for the telltale yellow foot prints. This can link to several great road cycle tours, as well as a longer trek including the Blind Bay Lookout and Balmoral Trails. Watch for new additions to come.


From the west via the Blind Bay road just east of Sorrento on Highway 1. From the east via Balmoral Road turning north of Highway 1 down to Blind Bay. For a short stroll along the Blind Bay Road waterfront, park at the Blind Bay Store.

Access Maps: Google Maps


CAUTION: Watch for vehicles.