The Shuswap Trail Alliance (STA) thanks all who contribute to the regional Shuswap Trails program and projects. By working collaboratively, we can create efficiencies in trail building, marketing, maintenance, and planning. The Shuswap Trail Alliance successfully demonstrates how working together WORKS!

Our thanks to everyone who made this year’s Annual Shuswap Trails Party and Online Silent Auction such a success - over $70,000 raised for Shuswap Trails!
Check out our remarkable sponsor list and return the love by clicking on their links and visiting their businesses. Remarkable!

Community Partners

2022-2023 Sponsors


BC Backyard Ultra


Canada Gives

Carl Kuster Mountain Park Inc.

Chances Casino

Larch Hills Nordic Society

Lewiston Ultra Events

Mt Ida Nursery

Pomeroy Appraisals


Shuswap Cycling Society

Shuswap Lady Striders

United Way Centeraide

White Lake Residents Association




Atkinson Corrine

Baldwin Matthew

Barrios/Wroom April/Federick

Beaudoin Lorraine

Beckner Jim & Marcia

Beckner Suzanne & Kevin

Beltz Janet

Bennett Thomas

Blakeborough Heather

Borkent art & Annette

Boutet Marc

Brighouse Ruth

Bruns Louise & Hermann

Buchannon Mil

Burechailo Robert

Carson/Murray  Blaine/Judy

Champion Anne

Charlebois Roderick & Wendy

Crook John & Janey

DeFoe Maureen

deWit Heidi

Dettwiler Pamela

Dukeshire Kari

Dyer Celia

Eso Elizabeth

Ford Sue & Mick

Fournier John & Heather

Friesen Lauren & Barry

Furevick Brenda

Gooch Jim/Alvina

Green  Carol

Groen/Scheidegger Wes/Mary

Gunn Mike/Venee


Hamilton Mary

Hayes Craig

Hepburn Keith & Laura

Hobsbawn Donna

Hutchins Patrick


Ivans Jacquelyn

Jackson Erin

Johnston Rob & Liz    

Kennedy David/Janice

King Jeff

Krull/Posser Merv/Loretta

Landers Garry

Kirkpatrick Anne

Kyler Michael

Labere/Allison Lachlan/Sierre

Landers Gerry

Leinweber Kara

Letham Christopher/Tina

Lyons Denise

MacArthur Cathy

MacLennan Charles

MacMillian Kim

McKee Dr. Scott

McKendrick Paul

McKinnon/Walters Barb/Reg

McLaren Angie

Madro   Scott

Marshall/Agassiz Lianne/Paul

Marshall Thomas/Eleanor

Martin Rhona

Massey Shelly & Craig

MavJack Ventures

Mearns Pat



Mills Jonathan

Mitchell Joan/Bruce

Mitzel Candace & Marv

Moleschi Kathy

Molnar/Waelti   Peter/Pauline

Morris Rosemary

Muloin Paul

Parenteau Roger

Parks Dorothy/Donald

Pederson Mary Jane

Penner  Lee/Jos

Pierce Wayne

Pinto Susan

Pollard Ray

Porritt June

Prinsen Diane & Harry

Prosser/Anderson Lorraine/Arnold

Prosser/Krull Loretta/Mervin

Revelstoke Secondary School

Rotzetter Jolanda

Sargent Joan/Norm

Schalm Colleen

Schoene Ulli

Seed Greg

Sidney Marge

Sinter Walter & Debbie

Sismey Trent & Lindsay

Smith Clint

Smith Eva

Steckley Eugene

Sterritt Deborah

Stevens Gord

Stewart Karen

Tabor Meghan

Thingsted Jan

Trott Terence/Sue

Van Oeveren Mary-Ann & Pim

Vicars Thomas

Watson Stewart

Wilcox/Elder Don/Jocelyn

Woods Marcia & John

Young Elayna

Zorn George & Jeanetta

2023 Auction Sponsors

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