Around the Hill Greenway Loop


Salmon Arm & Area
Distance: 6.5 km loop
Difficulty: More Difficult
Duration: 2 hours +
Trail Access / Features
Walk / Hike Snow Shoeing Cross Country Ski Wildlife

Trail Description:

A lovely, quiet, contemplative encounter with one of the few remaining older growth cedar stands in the Larch Hills connected into a 6.5 km loop.

Although the final single track connection of the Larch Hills Traverse to Salmon Arm is still in the planning stages (it currently connects via forestry roads through the Larch Hills Nordic Area), an upper single track trail loop was activated during the 2017 season linked to the North Hub of the Larch Hills Nordic Trail system and Shuswap Outdoors! backcountry trail system. It was originally conceived, planned, approved, but never built by the late, great trail-guru, John Coffey. The Shuswap Trail Alliance coordinated getting the trail built during the 2017 season in consultation with Larch Hills Nordics and Shuswap Outdoors!, and under authorization by Rec Sites and Trails, following recent logging by CanoeFP, recognizing the singularly unique hiking/snowshoeing loop it creates through a spectacular older growth cedar forest protected by Old Growth Management zoning.

It takes a bit of planning to access. In the winter you'll need to ski to the North Hub, then link into the loop via the Greenway ski trail, then plan to ditch you skiis for snowshoes in the Old Growth forest (as this section is best explored). Or keep you skiis on to create a full loop backcountry venture off-track, and muscle through the snowshoed sections (but no whining! The loop when not on designated nordic ski trails is open to snowshoers! :-) The full Around-the-Hill Greenway Loop links Hemlock Glide, Afterthought, and the upper section of the Greenway nordic/Shuswap Outdoors! non-track set backcountry ski trails with the new Old Growth cedar forest section, creating a lovely 6.5 km circuit.

During the summer, it can be accessed from the North Hub of the Larch Hills Nordic Trail System from the Larch Hills Forestry Road and Cec's Cabin, or from the very top of the Rubberhead Trail system from the Muffin Top Trailhead. But rest assured, you will be rewarded with a remarkable, quiet, contemplative encounter with one of the few remaining older growth cedar stands in the Larch Hills. Note, however, the delicate moist forest floor of the southern section of the trail through the old growth cedar is not suitable for Mountain Bikes, only walking. Mountain bikers should explore this section on foot, then return to their bike to continue exploring the rest of the surrounding Larch Hills and Rubberhead trails.

The Shuswap Trail Alliance thanks Recreation Sites and Trails BC, the Larch Hills Nordic Society, Shuswap Outdoors!, Canoe Forest Products, and the Ministry of Forest Range and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development for making the project possible through a BC Rural Development Program Grant.

NEW! Geo-Referenced PDF Map (Note: Backcountry navigation experience and knowledge with compass and map is recommended.)


From Larch Hills Nordic Trails: drive to the Larch Hills Nordic Centre main chalet and day parking area. A variety of ski routes can be taken to reach the North Hub, or climb up the Greenway backcountry non-track set trail from south to north to access the Around-the-Hill Greenway Loop. In the summer, you can drive to Cec's cabin and the North Hub on the Larch Hills Forestry Road.

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From the Rubberhead Trail System: (Summer Access by vehicle - winter access by snowshoe or ski only) follow directions to reach the upper Muffin Top Trailhead - Travel east of Salmon Arm on Hwy. 1 approx. 4km past the Canoe Forest Products mill. Turn right onto Forest Service Road (FSR) #110 just after a right corner on the highway and an info pullout on the left. Follow the 110 FSR up approx. 2.5km where the road widens and an old narrow skid road goes up to the left by the main trail sign. This is the lower Rubberhead staging area. Continue up the 110 FSR staying on the main road (or cycling the Rubberhead Double D climb trail for a solid workout). Trail posts mark various sections to 8.2km where you turn right, up the steep hill, and follow the road to 10.5km. Look for the trail post on the left at an obvious landing and parking area. This is the uppermost Muffin Top trailhead, and makes a good place to park your vehicle.

From the Muffin Top trailhead, travel 200 metres back south west on the forestry road to the T junction, then follow this forestry spur road to the south another 380 metres to the signed junction with the Larch Hills Nordic's Lichen Traverse and Hemlock Glide trails. This is the northern point along the Around-the-Hill Greenway Loop. From here you can travel either direction to complete the loop.

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Wilderness backcountry trail: Be prepared. Watch for bears. Please stay on the designated trail to protect sensitive habitat.