Balmoral Trail System


South Shuswap
Distance: Various 0.5km - 4km (round trip)
Difficulty: Easy to More Difficult
Duration: 1+ hours (round trip)
Trail Access / Features
Walk / Hike Mountain Biking Horse Trail Snow Shoeing

Trail Description:

A great place for short loop options up to the old growth fir tree and the Balmoral Bluffs viewpoint, or access to a longer traverse hike over to White Lake (8km). Shorter loop options weave up past the Balmoral Bluffs viewpoint through forests. The Balmoral Trail System connects with the Blind Bay Bluffs and the White Lake trail systems. 

Geo-Referenced PDF Map


Approx 9.3km east of Sorrento, or approx 24km west of Salmon Arm, turn north onto Balmoral Rd. Follow for approx 1.5km and watch for the large trailhead parking lot on the right, just before Alpen Paradise subdivision.

NOTE: EQ riders may find the alternate access via Sherri Rd easier from the south. (Check local maps for directions).

From the parking lot, there is a lower easy loop through open forest. At the top of this loop is a short trail that goes up to the top of a ridge, which, at the end, overlooks Alpen Paradies subdivision and Blind Bay. Continuing up from there, are two ways to reach the main connector trail between White Lake and Blind Bay. These can be done as an upper loop back to the parking lot, or as through-routes to either the Blind Bay Lookout (upper trail to the left) or White Lake Trail (lower trail). Check then route map at the parking lot trailhead.


WARNINGS: Trails beyond the Balmoral Trail Loops take you into longer hiking routes and require additional preparation, including water.