Crowfoot Mountain and Mobley Lookout


North Shuswap
Distance: 8+ km from start of Sheep Track to Crowfoot Meadows; 5.5+ km from top of Sheep Track to Crowfoot Meadows; additional 6 km from Crowfoot Meadows to Mobley Mountain
Difficulty: More Difficult to Most Difficult
Duration: Hiker: 4+ hours (one way) from bottom of Sheep Track, 2+Hours (one way) from top of sheep track to Crowfoot Meadows; additional 2 hours (one way) to Mobley.
Trail Access / Features
Walk / Hike Mountain Biking Horse Trail Cross Country Ski

Trail Description:

Trail leads to the meadows on Crowfoot and Mobley Mountains. Outstanding views of the surrounding Shuswap highlands, glacier carved valleys, wildlife, birds, and wildflowers.


Approx 9.4 km west of Sorrento on Hwy 1, turn left onto Squilax-Anglemont Rd, and follow it approx 26 km to Celista. 2 km east of Celista, turn left onto Begulin Rd, and up the hill for 1.5 km. Turn right at the stop sign, at the top of the hill, onto Line 17, and then left onto Garland Rd. Proceed 2.6 km, until Garland Rd becomes #730 Forest Service Rd at the first corner. Watch for logging trucks. Turn right and follow the main road for approx. 1.7 km, then take the right fork. At 2.2 km cross a bridge and continue up the hill. At 2.8 km stay on the main road (passing a road on the right) then stay right, (passing a fork on the left). At approx. 3.1 km find the start of the old sheep trail, (now a wide ATV track) on the left. The 8 km trail starts at this point.

Optionally continue to drive high up the Forest Service Rd until a Deactivated Road sign signals the junction with the 4wd “sheep” track. Look for a sign on the right labeled “East Way” marking the continued trail to the meadows. Park here for a solid walk up to the meadows and back (6+ km return), or a cross-country mountain bike ride up to Mobley Lookout and back (approx. 20 km return).

NOTE: Protect the delicate flora and fauna of this area by staying on the trails. Area is heavily used by ATVs in the summer.

Access Map: Google Map


CAUTION: Be well prepared, as this is remote backcountry with grizzly habitat. There is a range license in the area. Avoid disruption to cattle herds.