John Evdokimoff Bike Park


South Shuswap
Distance: 800 metres +
Difficulty: Easy to More Difficult
Duration: 30 minutes +
Trail Access / Features
Mountain Biking Picnic Tables

Trail Description:

Progressive technical skills park, pump track, tabletops, jumps, and free ride trail for mountain bikers.

Designed by legendary mountain bike guru, Jay Hoots, for CSRD Parks and built by local volunteers, the bike skills park is a fun place to warm up before a ride on the Blind Bay/ White Lake trails, or a playful end to a day of cross-country riding. Don’t miss the practice downhill burm trail that starts at the very top of the park (use the uphill track to the left). NOTE: the park is also the east trailhead for the Blind Bay White Lake Trail system. (See descriptions).

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Approx 9.3 km east of Sorrento on Hwy 1 at the Balmoral Rd junction, White Lake Rd forms a loop, returning to Hwy 1 at Carlin 4 km farther east, approx 20 km west of Salmon Arm. Watch for the Bike Park sign just before the Parri Rd intersection at the west end of White Lake.

Directions Map: Google Maps


CAUTION: Progressive technical features. Mountain bikers must wear helmets. Use at your own risk.