South Canoe Trail System


Salmon Arm & Area
Distance: 1-12 km (various loops)
Difficulty: Easy to Most Difficult
Duration: 0.5-2.5 Hours (round trip)
Trail Access / Features
Walk / Hike Mountain Biking Horse Trail Snow Shoeing

Trail Notes / Current Conditions:

March 2020: Fir Beetle Management, South Canoe Trails, Watch For Trail Closures - The City Of Salmon Arm is working with Silvatech Consulting Ltd to manage the Fir Beetle in the Malibu area by salvaging the affected trees. This work will limit the future spread of the beetle by removing the 2019 beetle brood that is currently over wintering in the Douglas-fir trees. Harvesting the infested stand will also help deal with this future fuel load.
Harvesting work will begin early the week of March 2nd. Watch for daytime Trail Closures. The Shuswap Trail Alliance is working With Silvatech Consulting to ensure the trail impact is minimal. There will be some trail closures but these should be limited operational hours.

MORE NEW TRAILS IN 2019! Thank you to all the volunteers, the South Canoe Trails Advisory, the City of Salmon Arm, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, Curt Olson, Canoe Forest Products, and the Shuswap Trail Alliance Trail Crew. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia for this project through the BC Rural Dividend Program. Check out the updated online map below (see Geo-Reference PDF Map link).


Trail Description:

A large network of trails built and used by mountain bikers, hikers, snowshoers, fat-tire mountain bikers, and local equestrian riders. 

South Canoe is a busy trail destination, with regular use by people hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and riding horses. It also provides access to the Larch Hills trail system above, as well as the Larch Hills Traverse. ATV and motorcycles use the forestry road during the summer. South Canoe is one of the main mountain biking trail systems in Salmon Arm, including trails such as the Flying Nun, PPT, Paranoia, Malibu, Upper and Lower Schizo, The Cut, Lumpy, K/C, Mo Buddah, Dirty Gerbil, and the Salty Dog circuit. The trails range in difficulty, with the easier trails below the radio tower, and the more difficult ones above. South Canoe is the home of the very popular Salty Dog 6 hour Enduro mountain bike race. It is also the west trailhead to the Larch Hills Traverse epic corss-country trail, and access for local equestrian riders who were the original creators of many of the trails. Watch for trail signs indicating which trails are mountain bike, EQ or shared. All trails are open to hikers and snowshoers, but use caution and watch for bikes and horses.

Trail Info: Lower Trail Map (shows lower trail use designations and direction arrows for uphill and downhill trails)

Temporary Update Trail Maps: Lower Malibu Trails and Upper Trails (shows overall trail designations)

New! Geo-Referenced PDF Map | Malibu Trail Map 


ACCESS: East of Salmon Arm on Hwy 1, turn south at the Hwy 97B intersection and travel 2km, then turn left/east onto 10th Ave SE. Follow to the end where it turns to gravel and park on the left. Trail users access both the lower Malibu trails and the upper trails (Prudential, Paranoia, Katie Colin Memorial, Schizo, You May Be Right, the Cut, Lumpy, Mo'Butta, Lee's Trail, and the full Salty Dog circuit) from the trail entry in the middle of the parking lot fence. An ATV/motorcycle access onto the logging road is also available just next to the locked gate. Please do not park in front of the gate. It is used by gravel and logging trucks.


Did You Know? The South Canoe Trails are managed by volunteer stewards in partnership with the City of Salmon Arm and Recreation Sites and Trails BC. Under a Management Plan and Partnership Agreement with both the City and the Province, the Shuswap Trail Alliance supports a local Stewardship Advisory to guide maintenance, signage, and trail planning in the area, and act as a meeting point for interest groups.

For more information on the South Canoe Trail Advisory and to get involved, click here.

Sign up for regular trail updates & bulletins from the South Canoe Advisory/Shuswap Trail Alliance by sending your email to:


CAUTION: Metford road which runs through our biking/hiking area is an active logging and multi-use forestry road. Watch for motorized vehicles and logging trucks. Stay away from forestry equipment and active logging areas. Watch for bears and respect other users on trails. Make noise and control speed.